History of the club

Morris Register Nederland was founded in 1978. We are a club of pre-war Morris car owners. In the Netherlands roughly 150 of these Morris cars still existsAlmost 80 car owners are member of the Morris Register Nederland club.


Morris vehicles are mainly made in England from 1913 till 1980. The Morris Register Nederland only focusses on owners and enthousiastic lovers of the Morrismodels made till 1940, with exception of 1 type -the Morris Eight type E- of which the production lasted till tot 1950.

Our oldtimers show an impressive view on the early history of Morriscars. William Richard Morris (1877–1963) was the inventor of the idea that mobility should be accessible for everybody. Since the twenties of the last century the Morris car factories made cars for an affordable price. The idea was to give the “poor man” the same transport possibilities as the “wealthy man” in those days. The cars are known by their simplicity and sustainable design. The Morris-brand disappeared at the end of the eighties, but the enthousiasm of a Morrisowner always calls for joyfull reactions amoung other carowners.

William Morris-Lord Nuffield next to a Morris-Minor in 1928

The Club

In the fifties the pre-war car slowly disappeared from the streets. This was the motivation behind the forming of a club with purpose to keep the the Morris visible and -if possible- on the roads. This started in England with the foundation of the Morris-Eight Tourer Club. Soon after that other Morristypes joined this Tourer club and that originated the Morris Register England.

In 1978 about 10 active members of the Morris Register England founded Morris Register Nederland.They decided to form their own Dutch club with the same ideas as the original “Motherclub”. The connection with the English clubmembers is still intact.